Government Agencies

Department of Veteran Affairs

Our client for a major government national health system was unable to accurately measure and project revenue cycle metrics. Our leadership designed and delivered a large business intelligence and analytics solution that integrated over 150 source systems, producing weekly and monthly metrics that helped the agency increase revenues by 300% over 4 years.
We built an Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution that provides over 10,000 users with both strategic and tactical information. Spanning 5 major business lines, over 20 data sources and over 30TB of data, this EDW has changed the way the sub-agency makes decisions.
Our real-time data warehouse and analytics solution helped the organization be on the front lines of healthcare associated infectious disease surveillance, allowing the prevention and diagnosis of outbreaks.
We managed the system for tracking capital assets and submitting OMB 300s, allowing the agency to meet deadlines for over 500 complex systems.

Center for Medicaid & Medicare Services

Our client was conducting a 5 year innovation model to show that paying for prevention improved outcomes and lowered costs. Within 9 months, we designed and deployed a cloud-based data registry that securely collects clinical data from over 400 providers. This industry-standard solution has lowered provider burden and will enable major policy changes using evidence-based methods.

US Navy

Within 4 months, we built a performance measurement solution that combined project and financial information. This allowed our client to obtain a holistic view of Navy base operations and redeploy resources that improved warfighting capability.

Department of Commerce

Our performance measurement solution helped the sub-agency measure the effectiveness of economic development grants in underserved areas.

Department of Interior

Our cost analytics solution provided the means to accurately forecast workload changes and justify the setting of user fees.

Department of Justice

We performed an assessment of our client’s Business Intelligence program, developed a Business Intelligence roadmap, and streamlined and standardized their financial performance reporting.